Best Heavy Duty Serger for Thick Fabrics

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Being able to sew your own stuff is a great skill to have under the belt. But you can only do so much with a regular sewing machine. So, it’s time to get a heavy duty serger machine. Throughout our intensive research, we’ve come across hundreds of sergers — and for a good reason, to find the best machines in the market.

After reviewing them, we’re pretty happy with how the list turned out. We’ve chosen 5 serger machines that have every feature you need to deal with thick fabric. And by the end of the views, you’ll find a guide on how to pick the right one.

Top Heavy Duty Serger Machines

It’s getting harder to choose a serger with so many options. But what separates our options from others is how we balanced price, performance, portability, and durability. That said, here they are:

1. Brother ST4031HD Strong & Tough Serger – BEST OVERALL

Brother ST4031HD

Looking for a serger machine that can sew thick and tough fabrics? Well, you’ll love this sewing machine from Brother.

This heavy-duty sewing machine features a robust and durable metal frame, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty projects, including several layers of heavy fabric.

On top of that, this model comes with a heavy-duty blade. That way, sewers can get clean cuts without much effort.

They’ve also included a heavy-duty extension table so that users won’t struggle as much. And you can even remove it.

To make things even more attractive, they’ve included a color-coded thread guide on the front side of the sewing machine. So, regardless of your experience, you should still be able to get the basics down.

Finally, just like any top-tier sewing machine made by this brand, forming gathers in fabric is super simple, and the results are indeed something else.

Why We Liked It?

  • The stitch width can be changed
  • Sews up to 1,300 stitches
  • Comes with a trim trap
  • Made of heavy-duty metal

Our Verdict

Overall, this is your best bet when it comes to sewing thick layers of fabric. Whether you want to sew several denim layers, form gathers in cloth, or attach a gathered fabric to another material, this model won't let you down.

2. Singer X5004HD Heavy Duty Serger with Metal Frame – Best Budget Option

Singer X5004HD

Basic domestic sewing machines are often looked down upon as they give off this cheap feeling. However, the Singer X5004HD is the best heavy-duty serger machine you can get without spending a fortune.

For cutting thick fabrics, this serger machine is truly something to write home about. All this praise can be attributed to the built-in knife that allows sewers to cut thick materials easily.

To make your working area as efficient as possible, this serger includes a built-in LED light. Even if the lighting in your room is not as good, you’ll still be able to spot every single detail.

Better yet, we love how easy they’ve made it to adjust the thread tension. By merely turning the thread tension selector, sewers can easily use various sewing techniques.

What’s more, we’re pretty happy with how simple this sewing machine is. For example, the machine offers an easy-to-follow threading manual printed on the front.

Why We Liked It?

  • Easily cuts thick fabric
  • Lights your working area
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for sewing seams

Our Verdict

This brand has indeed shown that you can still get nice things for such an affordable price. Overall, we truly believe you can't go wrong with it.

3. Singer 14T968DC Professional Serger – Premium Option

Singer 14T968DC

For those of you who want to get a touch of luxury and are willing to spend a little bit more money for the best serger for denim, then give the Singer 14T968DC a shot.

This gorgeous serger machine comes with 14 built-in stitches so that sewers can freely customize their designs. They’re easy to use, and consumers are pretty happy with the results.

To make things even more exciting, this model includes a trim trap. This way, the machine can catch any trimmed fabric to keep your working space clean and organized at all times.

Like the models we’ve covered up until now, this one also comes with a diagram. Regardless of the fabric you’re working on, this machine has you covered. With its efficient and automatic adjusting tension system, you won’t have to worry about your stitches looking bad.

Finally, sewing many layers of fabric is a child’s play with this model. With its mind-blowing and efficiency, you’ll get the job done instantly.

Why We Liked It?

  • Pretty easy to use
  • Works like a charm with heavy fabric
  • Comes with a trim trap
  • 14-built in stitches

Our Verdict

After carefully reviewing this serger machine, we can only say that we're pretty happy with the results. Using this model might seem overwhelming at first sight. But it only takes a couple of minutes to get the hang of it.

4. Janome 634D – Best for Durability

Janome 634D

We’ve spent a good chunk of time looking for a durable and efficient serger machine. And it was hard. But Janome made it easy for us as well as thousands of consumers all over the world.

This is the best serger machine you can get for lightweight and heavy fabrics. This is all possible thanks to the adjustable foot pressure. By simply adjusting the tension, sewers can work on many different sewing projects.

Moreover, after you’ve chosen the stitch you want to sew, you can adjust the length of the stitch. For instance, you can set the length from 1mm to 5mm. This is such a great feature to have as you more room for various projects.

And to make the threading process simpler, this model includes an easy-to-understand coded diagram on the machine.

Last but not least, the knife they’ve included feels pretty solid. It can cut the edges of most thick fabrics, and the results look fantastic.

Why We Liked It?

  • Easy to understand
  • Adjustable length and width
  • Pressure can be adjusted
  • Heavy-duty knife

Our Verdict

So far, we can only talk about how good this sewing machine is. Our favorite feature is that cutting the edges of heavy-duty and light fabrics is stupidly easy and barely takes time.

5. Brother 1034D Heavy-Duty Metal Frame Overlock Machine – Best for Beginners

Brother 1034D

Want the best heavy-duty overlocker for beginners? Well, look no further. The Brother 1034D is just what you need to make your sewing experience more enjoyable.

This serger machine is mainly aimed at beginners looking to get their feet wet as soon as possible. For example, they’ve included an in-depth diagram showcasing every step for threading. The design does not look intimidating, and it comes with well-written instructions.

Even though this is a beginner sewing machine, you’re not missing out on premium features. For instance, this model can sew about 1,300 stitches per minute.

Better yet, you can easily adjust the width of the stitch you choose. You can set the width from 5mm all the way up to 7mm.

And if that were not cool enough, you can also remove the arm. This way, you can have a much easier time working on thick sleeves and trousers.

Finally, you can also adjust the foot pressure with this one. Whether you want to work on light or heavy fabrics, this one is just for you.

Why We Liked It?

  • Perfect for beginners
  • 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable foot pressure
  • Removable free arm

Our Verdict

This is pretty much your best option if you're just getting started into sewing. There's no feature this simple machine does not have. It'll make your sewing journey more manageable, and you'll still be able to accomplish great results.

What to Look for When Buying a Serger for Heavy fabrics?

We’ve been there before. You’re trying to buy something, but you just don’t know what to look for. To help you choose the best serger for thick fabrics, we’ve narrowed down the most valuable features any machine must have.

Adjustable Width And Length

This is one of those features any serger machine should have. The ability to select the stitch’s width and length is super helpful and allows sewers to control the device.

Built-in LED Lighting

Unfortunately, not all serger machines come with LED lighting. Usually, those that do have one are more expensive. But having such a feature can be a life-changing feature, especially if you are in a dark room.

Removable Free Arm

Ever noticed that you can remove the whole broad base of your serger machine? Well, when you remove the base, you expose the free arm. That free-standing part of your sewing machine is super helpful for sleeves and trousers.

In this type of situation, you’d want to have that feature on your serger machine. Without it, you’d attach the sleeve or the trouser together, which you probably don’t want to.

Wide Extension Table

Another fantastic accessory to have on a serger machine is a wide extension table. This type of table comes in handy if you’re dealing with heavy fabrics as it’ll keep them on a level surface when sewing. Overall, it’s an excellent accessory to have.

Stitches Per Minutes

Most conventional machines can sew around 650-1100 stitches per minute. That’s pretty reasonable, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

But if you want to step up your sewing game, we suggest getting a sewing machine that has the capability of doing 1,300 stitches a minute. This is the ideal speed for thick fabrics.

Trim Trap

Finally, getting a serger machine with a trim trap is one thing everybody should aim for. Having that little box on your sewing machine to catch all the fabric trims is super convenient to keep your working area organized.

Once the trim trap catches enough fabric trims, pull it out and then throw all the residue in your recycle bin.

Is it worth buying a Serger?

If you have a sewing machine and thought about getting a serger machine to finish off the edge of a garment and prevent fraying, and then it might be time to get one.

But that’s not all a serger machine can do. You can also sew an entire garment just fine with a serger machine. If you want to sew a leisure suit, T-shirts, and a baby dress, then getting a serger would definitely be your best friend.

Finally, a serger is a great machine to have if you deal with linen on cotton, sweater knits, and heavy fabrics.

Serger Machine for Thick Fabrics

The best serger for heavy fabrics is the Brother ST4031HD. There’s no other model out there that comes close to it.

There are several reasons why this model from Brother is the best for thick fabrics. First, this is a 4-thread serger machine. This is the most common type of serger machine you’ll come across. With this, you’ll get that professional finish you often see in stores.

Second, you can easily adjust the stitch width by simply turning the width selector. Choose the width you want, and you’re good to go.

Finally, this one is capable of sewing bulky fabrics. Whether it be several layers of fabric or denim, this serger will achieve excellent results.

Heavy Duty Serger for Canvas

If you’re just getting started and want a heavy-duty serger to sew canvas, we suggest giving the Singer X5004HD a try. This is an affordable machine that gets the job done.

For thick fabric, this one works like a charm. It comes with a heavy-duty knife, which makes cutting thick fabric easier than other machines.

What’s more, they’ve also included a canvas, which you can use to practice.

This is a 4-thread overlocker, which is pretty much the way to go. With the 4-thread serger, the thread goes through the upper looper, lower, looper, left, and right needle. So, when you feed your garment through the machine, you’ll have those beautiful seams.

Heavy Duty Serger Overlock Carrying Case

Unfortunately, most serger machines do not come with a carrying case. The ones that do simply add any generic case they can think of. They do not protect the unit from outside elements. So, you’re better off getting one from a third-seller.

If you’re in the market for one, companies like Alphasew sell many carrying cases for serger machines. They are super durable and will protect your machine from dust, water, and pretty much outside elements.

Finally, they’re pretty lightweight, making them an excellent choice for those who need to carry them around.

Heavy Duty Serger Sewing Machine

For those who want a heavy-duty serger sewing machine for anaffordable price, then the Brother 1034D is your best bet.

This serger features a width selector. Simply choose the stitch you want and then select the width. The width can be adjusted between 5mm all the way up to 7mm.

Finally, what made this serger perfect for heavy-duty fabrics, is that it has a differential feed system. In other words, this system helps sewers achieve better results when dealing with thin and thick materials.

Heavy Duty Serger Needles

Sewing thick fabric is pretty hard on its own. And you must be patient as you might break the needle. To help you choose a model with durable needles, we suggest getting the Singer 14T968DC.

This model comes with 80/11 needles which you can use to sew denim and other thick fabrics. What’s more, you’ve got five of them with this model.

Finally, this serger can sew 1,300 stitches per minute. Whether you’re trimming or overcasting, you’ll breeze through any thick fabric. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for heavy fabric.

Serger Tension for Thick Fabric

Another fantastic option for sewing fabric is the Janome 634D. For an optimal and enjoyable sewing experience, this model is an excellent choice.

While other models struggle to sew thick fabric, this one makes it pretty easy. With the differential feed system, you’ll be able to sew any material out there accurately.

Moreover, we’re pretty happy with how easy it is to thread with this serger. On the machine, you’ll find a chart with all the steps. So, you won’t have to go out of your guide to find a guide.

Finally, you can lift the upper knife so that it won’t cut your precious work when you’re sewing.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a heavy duty serger is indeed a challenge. Even if you have a sewing machine, you’re probably still confused as to whether you should get one or not.

We were pretty careful when choosing them as not all sergers are good enough for thick fabrics. While some of them can cut through a couple of layers, the moment you add another one, you’re pretty much out of luck.

As you might have noticed, we’ve also split the serger machines into different groups, including premium, budget, durability, and so on. That way, buyers will have an easier time choosing the ideal serger.

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