Best Travel Sewing Machine for 2023 [Portable Machine]

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It can be pretty frustrating when you’re eager to bring gorgeous sewing patterns to life, but you don’t have a sewing machine close. Luckily, there’s a way to fix this. With the best travel sewing machine, you can go almost anywhere you want and sew away even your favorite garments’ most intricate patterns. Bringing all those ideas to life anywhere you go can be a dream come true with one of these.

Because we know quality sewing machines are not easy to come by, we decided to list the best models available out there. If you aren’t willing to go the extra miles on your travels without a lightweight sewing machine, then you’ll love the models below – so take a look!

After deep and lengthy consideration, we had to pick only the ones that genuinely met our standards. It wasn’t easy. We found tons of different models worth considering, but only 5 stood out as worth having. Here’s what we found about them:

1. Varmax Mini Sewing Machine – Best Choice

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

If we had to pick the best portable mini sewing machine, we wouldn’t choose any other model apart from the Varmax Mini.

This sewing machine takes the travel design to another level with outstandingly tiny dimensions. It fits almost anywhere, and it weighs an unbeatable 2.7 pounds only. Thanks to its plastic construction, you won’t have to make much effort to travel around with it.

It is not only about portability, though. This best mini sewing machine boasts a large extension table for comfortable use. Even for its tiny design, you can use it with shirts, trousers, and everything in-between.

As for the sewing, it is simple but effective. You get an adjustable speed with low/high modes and the capacity to use double threads.

Finally, it is a piece of cake to use with its built-in lamp, thread cutter, and easy bobbing rewinding.

Why do we Like it?

  • It is small enough to fit on duffel & travel bags
  • The large extension table is super-comfy to use
  • Weighs only a couple of pounds
  • Delivers decent sewing features for its price & size

Our Verdict

If you’re looking to travel far and bring a sewing machine that doesn’t take much weight or space, then you won’t find anything better than this for its cost.

2. SINGER Start 1304 Free-Arm Sewing Machine – Premium Choice

SINGER Start 1304
SINGER Start 1304

The best travel sewing machine doesn’t have to super-small and underpowered. Instead, you can pick something that goes the extra mile in functions, power, and reliability – like the Start 1304 from Singer.

From one of the most dependable brands in the market, this Start sewing machine will sew more than 57 different stitches. You can adjust the stitches’ width and length if needed, and it comes with a free-arm that makes sewing preparations a lot easier than the typical small sewing machine.

It also boasts the most practical accessories, going from an all-purpose foot, a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, bobbins, needle plate screwdriver, spool pin felts, seam ripper, lint brush, and more.

Needless to say, it is ultra-small when compared to other Singer sewing machines. It only weighs 7 pounds and can fit on most duffel bags without increasing flying costs.

Why do we Like it?

  • Stitches fast and effectively on almost any fabric
  • Offers different types of stitches for any application
  • It is super-practical and straightforward to operate
  • Sews fast at 400 SPM with maximum speed

Our Verdict

For those willing to spend a few more bucks, nothing will satisfy them more than the Start 1304 from Singer. It is an almost literal translation of quality.

3. Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing Machine – Best for Durability

Brother XM2701
Brother XM2701

Among the few brands that are always worth considering, Brother enters the field as a significant competitor. With the XM2701, it delivers the best lightweight sewing machine that lasts.

As soon as you see it, you’ll realize how well-made it is. A high-quality metallic construction protects every internal part from damage and other factors. And with its 25-year warranty, it is sure to deliver the dependability you demand.

But it is not only about lasting a long time but performing amazingly well. This sewing machine also offers 27 built-in stitches to tackle any application without setbacks. Apart from that, you can enjoy a wide array of features like a drop-in bobbin, a jam-resistant threading system, and a built-in free arm.

You also get top-notch accessories going from 6 different sewing feet, a 3-piece needle set, a twin needle, and even a DVD instructional manual for fast learning. It works like a charm for beginners and experts alike.

Why do we Like it?

  • Boasts a super-sturdy metallic build
  • Will last a lifetime (backed by an extended warranty)
  • Comes with top-notch sewing features
  • The accessories are unbeatably convenient

Our Verdict

A portable sewing machine that lasts decades is not easy to come by. The Brother XM2701 makes it possible without emptying your bank account.

4. 6V Multifunctional Compact Sewing Machine – Best for Beginners

6V Multifunctional Compact Sewing Machine
6V Multifunctional Compact Sewing Machine

A combination of a lightweight travel sewing machine with a beginner-friendly design, the Multifunctional Compact from Best Choice Products is all you need on your trips.

One prominent feature that sets it apart from the competition is the 5-pound weight. Thanks to an all-plastic construction, you won’t have to lift much weight when bringing this sewing machine around.

But it is not the weight that stands out the most, but the 12 preset stitching modes. You won’t have to make any specific adjustments to get the result you want. Instead, just choose the sewing method of preference and get the job done.

Other features you will love include the 2-speed system. You can make it work however you prefer depending on your needs. And with the automatic threader and cutter, the tension dial, and sewing light, it makes your most challenging stitching jobs a lot easier.

The machine even boasts a storage compartment where you can store threads and accessories, making it an awfully practical model for the cost.

Why do we Like it?

  • Adjusting and operating it is a no-brainer
  • Works for almost any application despite its size
  • Saves a lot of time and effort for the cost
  • Portability is other-worldly with its top handle & weight

Our Verdict

Combining such an exceptional array of features, this sewing machine becomes a go-to option for beginners on a budget who want to travel. 

5. W-Dragon Handheld Sewing Machine – Budget Friendly

W-Dragon Handheld Sewing Machine
W-Dragon Handheld Sewing Machine

You don’t have to pick a typical-looking model when the Handheld Sewing Machine from W-Dragon is available. As the best travel size sewing machine with a cordless design, it is the epitome of convenience and cheapness.

First off, it comes with the smallest design on the list. It is obviously small enough to fit on any purse or bag. Some people may even hold it in their pockets. Similarly, it weighs almost nothing at a mere 3.2 ounces.

The cordless design is fantastic, as you won’t need any electrical outlet to make it work. Just set it up with a few batteries, which should be enough to get the most out of it.

With straightforward controls, you can sew simple patterns, sleeves, and even pockets on garments with little effort.

Why do we Like it?

  • Pocket-size design fits practically anywhere
  • The cordless design takes portability to another level
  • It is a piece of cake to prepare and operate
  • Offers decent sewing functions for its size

Our Verdict

For people who love DIY crafts on the go, there’s probably not a better option. It Is an almost perfect alternative for simple sewing jobs.

How to Pick the Best Portable Sewing Machine for Travels

After reading our travel sewing machine reviews, you’re probably a little confused. Well, don’t worry – we’re going to help you out with that. Read the following factors to understand what to look for and what to overlook:

Size & Weight

Probably the most crucial part of getting a mini travel sewing machine is making sure you get something that’s indeed easy to travel with.

But even within portable models, you’ll find variable sizes – some being ultra-small that fits in your pockets while others you will need a duffel bag for. Similarly, some sewing machines are ultra-light, weighing barely a few ounces, while others may get up to 10 pounds.

Your focus is to pick something that meets your needs and demands. Want something that fits on your purse? Then it is a handheld model you’re looking for. If that’s too small, then all the other larger models won’t let you down.

Built-In Stitches

A portable sewing machine doesn’t have to be useless or less practical than a large one. That’s why you must also try to get one that comes with as many built-in stitches as possible. This will help you achieve both simple and complex stitches on any application you want.

The more built-in stitches the machine offers, the better. But you don’t have to go for a considerable amount if not necessary. Also, consider whether the stitches are enough for your demands. You may not need as many as you think.

Controls & Ease of Use

The best sewing machine for travel is not only small and compatible with most stitching needs, but it is also a piece of cake to operate.

You need to look for the most straightforward controls possible. Some machines will help you adjust the speed and change the stitches by pulling a lever or touching a button. But others can be a lot more complex than that.

We recommend easy-to-use and simple sewing machines as the go-to models, especially if you’re a beginner. This will save you a lot of frustration and time.

Extra Features

Last but not least, consider a few extra features that will make the sewing machine not only more practical but also easier to use. These include:

Needle Threader

Don’t waste a single second threading the machine. A needle threader can save you all that time.

Extension Table

The sewing machine could be small, but the work area doesn’t have to. An extension table can fix that.

Presser Feet

Not all stitches work with the same presser foot. Get a model with several feet for more convenience.

Free Arm

If you’re working with large pieces of fabric, you’ll want enough space below for the material to hang. A free arm helps with that.

Wrapping Up

It will take some time and effort to pick the best lightweight sewing machine for travel. But if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you will get a product that matches even your highest sewing standards.

For that, use our reviews and buying guide sections to pick the best lightweight portable cheapest sewing machine for travel. No matter where you go, a portable sewing machine will be your best companion.

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