Brother SE600 Review: Best Sewing & Embroidery Machine (Pros & Cons)

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So, you’ve read hundreds of Brother SE600 Reviews but still can’t decide whether it’s worth the money or not? Well, we’re here to help you out. Spending money on something you barely know anything about is sure stressful and makes you wonder if you’re making the right purchase.

But with our help, you’ll find out if this machine is worth it. Also, since you’ve probably come across other sewing machines, we’ve compared the Brother SE600 Sewing & Embroidery Machine with similar models most sewers run into when choosing this one.

That way, you’ll know for sure if this sewing & embroidery machine combo is worth your hard-earned money.

Brother SE600 (An Owners Review from USA)

Brother SE600
Brother SE600

If you’re looking for a modern and versatile machine that gets the job done, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you got the Brother SE600.

This model is designed to make sewing more accessible than the previous generations. For instance, compared to the SE400, which was notoriously hard to use, this one is a walk in the park.

If you’re concerned about the working environment and noises — this model will not let you down. For instance, this sewing machine is relatively quiet. Once you turn it on, you probably won’t be bothered by the noise.

Apart from that, this is a computerized sewing machine, meaning everything the computer takes care of almost everything. For instance, it comes with a touchscreen, which allows you to control your designs.

Furthermore, this model comes with 103 sewing stitches. And you can select the stitch you want through the LCD display.

And last but not least, this sewing machine has a LED bulb, meaning you’ll be able to comfortably work and spot out any subtle details your design might have.

Key Features of Brother SE600

Brother SE600 reviews point out that the most notorious feature of this machine is the automatic needle threader. This feature alone is more than enough to save you so much time since it manually puts the thread through the needle.

Besides that, you get 103 sewing stitches along with 80 embroidery designs. If you’re in constant need of designs and stitches, this model is perfect for you.

Other than that, you get a gorgeous and large built-in touchscreen, which allows you to visualize and modify the stitches and embroidery designs in-real time.

This model also features a LED light, which will significantly make your job easier since you can clearly make out any details.

Brother SE600 Specification

Like any computerized sewing machine, the Brother SE600 includes a 3.2-inch touchscreen, allowing users to control the sewing machine. And with the press of a button, you can operate the machine.

For clothing, they have also included 7 sewing feet, including a button sewing foot, a monogramming foot, a zipper sewing foot, and so on.

Finally, this sewing machine can sew 710 stitches per minute.

Brother SE600 Pros

  • The touchscreen truly makes your life easier since you can swipe right and left to find the stitch you want.
  • This sewing machine features 9 built-in fonts so that sewers can personalize their creations. For instance, it has 6 English fonts and 3 basic Japanese fonts.
  • The automatic needle threader and the thread cutter will boost your productivity since they save you so much time.
  • You’ll also be able to sew stitches nicely without spending so much time since it’s pretty easy to operate.

Cons of brother SE600

  • The most significant disadvantage of getting this machine is that it’s somewhat slower than high-end models. So, you’ll spend more time than you had thought.
  • The embroidery feel is pretty tiny, which is somewhat disappointing. For instance, it’s only 4-inch by 4-inch.

Should you buy brother SE600?

Whether you’re an advanced or intermediate sewer, we still believe that this an excellent choice, especially if you’re trying to upgrade your old sewing machine.

The machine is pretty easy to use since the computer pretty much takes care of everything, unlike a mechanical one.

Moreover, you get a bunch of sewing stitches, fonts for monogramming, and several embroidery designs, which you can choose the stitches and designs on the touchscreen. Overall, this is an easy-to-use and powerful sewing machine.

Where to buy brother SE600?

The Brother SE600 can either be purchased on Amazon or on their official website. Another popular option is eBay. However, both Amazon and the official Brother website tend to be the go-to for most consumers worldwide.

Brother SE600 vs SE625 (Comparison)

If you read Brother SE600 embroidery machine reviews, you’ll notice that the SE600 and the SE625 are pretty similar. But the more research you, those subtle differences become more apparent. That being, here are the main differences between them:

Embroidery Designs

When arguing about brother SE600 vs SE625, you should know that the S625 has a bunch of embroidery designs available, roughly 280 to be precise, whereas the SE600 has only 80-built in designs. This is the main difference between them and should be considered before getting any of these two.


Another significant difference between the SE600 and the SE625 is the weight. For instance, the SE600 weighs about 12 pounds, whereas the SE625 weighs roughly 25 pounds.

This is a critical difference as lightweight sewing machines tend to move around when sewing, so you might destroy your project when doing so. But, if you need a portable and light machine, the SE600 is still a great choice.


If you compare them side-by-side, you’ll quickly notice that the design is slightly different. For example, the dashboard is brown on the SE625 while the SE600 boats a beautiful silver-grey color.

Like we said, these two machines are pretty similar, and in many cases, you won’t notice those subtitles differences.

Brother SE600 vs SE1900

Let’s settle it down for good this time. Below, you’ll find the biggest differences between the Brother SE600 and the Brother SE1900:

Working Space

The most significant difference between the SE600 and the SE1900 is that the former has a smaller working area. For instance, the embroidery area is 4-inch by 4-inch while the latter has a 5-inch by 7-inch working space.

This can make a world of difference when dealing with larger projects, so watch out for that.

Font Styles

This is not a huge difference, but it might bother some sewers. The SE600 has 10 fonts, while the SE1900 has 11 built-in fonts, including Japanese and English letters.

Built-in Stitches

If you want to have as many options as possible, the SE1900 is way ahead of the SE600 as it has 240 unique stitches, while the SE600 comes with 103 stitches.

Whether it is quilting stitches or random stitches you’ve never heard of, the SE1900 is superior in that regard.

Embroidery Design

As you can see, the Brother SE600 vs SE1900 boils down to built-in designs, for the most part. While the SE600 offers 80 unique embroidery designs, the SE1900 takes the lead with its gorgeous 138 built-in designs.

Brother SE600 vs PE535

The other sewing machines are not that different from one another. However, both the SE600 and the PE535 do have some differences you should know beforehand. That said, here they are:

Stitches per Minute

The first difference between the Brother SE600 and the PE535 is that the former can sew 710 stitches per minute. On the other hand, the PE535 can only sew 650 stitches per minute.

Sewing Stitches

You should also know that the Brother SE600 comes with 103 unique sewing stitches, but the PE535 has 0 built-in stitches.

Keep in mind that the PE535 is not meant to be an all-around sewing machine. Hence it has minimal usage.

Embroidery Designs

Apart from the stitches, the PE535 boats 125 unique designs, while the SE600 only has 80 embroidery designs.

Free Arm

The free arm is one of those features you’d want to have on most sewing machines as it’s super useful for sewing trousers and sleeves. Sadly, this feature is not available on the PE535.

On the other hand, the SE600 allows sewers to remove the flatbed attachment to use the free arm feature.

Brother SE600 vs SE625 vs SE1900 vs PE800 vs PE535 (Quick Comparison Table)

We know how difficult it can be to choose a suitable sewing machine, considering that hundreds of them are out there. As such, we’ve narrowed down similar machines to the SE600 so you can compare them and choose the right one.

FeaturesBrother SE600 Brother SE625 Brother SE1900 Brother PE800 Brother PE535
Built-in stitches103103240NONO
Built-in Embroidery Designs808013813880
Built-in Fonts for MonogrammingIncludes 6 English Fonts, and 3 Japanese FontsIncludes 11 Fonts for MonogrammingIncludes 7 English Fonts, 3 Japanese Fonts, and 1 CyrillicIncludes 7 English Fonts, 3 Japanese Fonts, and 1 CyrillicIncludes 6 English Fonts And 3 Japanese Fonts
Automatic Needle Threader & Thread CutterAvailableAvailableAvailable AvailableAvailable
Hoop Area Length4-inch by 4-inch Working Area4-inch by 4-inch Working Area5-inch by 7-inch Working Area5-inch by 7-inch Working Area4-inch by 4-inch Working Area
Stitches per Minute710 SPM710 SPM850 SPM650 SPM400 SPM
Built-in Touch Screen Display3.2-Inch Touchscreen Display3.2-inch Touchscreen Display3.2-inch Touchscreen Display3.2-inch Touchscreen Display3.2-inch Touchscreen Display
Sewing Machine Weight12 Pounds25.3 Pounds22 Pounds14 Pounds15 Pounds
Adjustable Screen BrightnessCannot Be AdjustedCannot Be AdjustedCan Be AdjustedCannot Be AdjustedCannot Be Adjusted
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureNot AdjustableNot AdjustableAdjustableNot AdjustableNot Adjustable
Quick Comparison Table

How to use brother CS7000X? tutorial (Videos) 

Here’s a short brother se600 tutorial: First and foremost, plug in the machine. Once that’s done, wind the bobbin and then the lower thread bobbin. Building upon that, please pass the upper thread, and now you can start sewing.

If you need help getting through these steps, watch this video made by Brother:

Brother SE600 Embroidery Designs

The SE600 is one of the best machines for embroidering designs as it comes with several designs you can use for free. But if you don’t like any of the default images, you could make or download new designs.

There are plenty of ways to digitize your images to embroider them on your T-shirts. For instance, you could use Brother PE design 10 and Brother PE design to convert the images.

Once you’ve converted the files you want, simply load up the flash drive and then find the design you’ve loaded on the screen.

Accessories Included with brother SE600

Brother is pretty generous with their machines. They include a bunch of accessories. For instance, the Brother SE600 comes with a seam ripper, a needle set, a set of needless for most home projects, a cleaning brush, a ball joint needle, and 7 sewing feet.

Brother SE600 Weight

The average weight for most sewing machines ranges from 10 all the way up to 30 pounds. The Brother SE600 falls between that category as it weighs about 12 pounds. This is the ideal weight for portability.

Embroidering with Brother SE600

Before embroidering, please insert the bobbin and then raise the presser foot. Once that’s done, please thread the machine. If you’re feeling lost, follow the diagram on top of the sewing machine for this process.

Now set up the hoop, put it underneath the presser foot and then attach it to the arm. Now, choose the desired design or put your memory card to select your personalized design. After that, position your design and then press “OK.”

From now on, the computerized sewing machine will take care of everything. You’ll now see the hoop moving around according to the position you selected beforehand.

Brother SE600 Software

The editing software the SE600 comes with is more than enough for most sewing projects. However, if the default editing software doesn’t cut it anymore, we strongly suggest trying out Inkscape along with the plugin called “Inkstitch.” This software is free, and professional sewers use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to know more about the Brother SE600? Here’s some helpful information about it:

Can the brother SE600 embroidery hats?

Absolutely, this machine is pretty good for embroidering hats. The only thing you have to keep in mind when doing this is the position and the working area since it’s a bit smaller than other Brother sewing machines.

Is the brother SE600 good for quilting?

If you’re casually getting into sewing but still want a reliable and robust sewing machine for quilting, the SE600 is a great starting point.

Can you use a bigger hoop for Brother SE600?

You can’t make anything bigger than the 4-inch by 6-inch working area of the Brother SE600. So, you’ll have to move the design according to the designed area, and then you’ll be able to sew any designs you want.

What format does Brother SE600 use?

Brother sewing machines use .PES Format. This file extension is primarily used for embroidery designs.

Can brother SE600 sew leather?

Yes! The Brother SE600 computerized sewing is totally capable of sewing leather and other thick fabrics. Although this is not the best sewing machine for that kind of job, you should still be able to pull off some cool projects.

Is Brother CS6000i good to buy for jeans and all kinds of clothes for stitching?

The CS6000I is by no means a professional sewing machine, and you should be aware of its limitations. However, it is still pretty good for jeans and most home projects. But for thick fabrics, you’ll need thicker needless.

I have a brother SE600. What is the best setting for a satin stitch?

Use foot letter N. This is the perfect sewing foot for the satin stitch. After that, reduce the stitch length while sewing. Keep playing with the stitch until the stitches get close together to the point they become a satin stitch.

Should I buy an embroidery machine combo and with the Brother SE600?

The Brother SE600 is by no means perfect. However, this sewing machine is ideal for most sewers who want to start out as soon as possible. There are certain drawbacks like limited working space, but you won’t feel as though you’re missing out on something other than that.

Is the brother CS6000i a good sewing machine?

Yes, the CS6000I is an excellent machine for sewing. However, keep in mind that this by no means a high-end product. This is intended to be a basic but reliable computerized sewing machine for beginners.


Those sure were a lot of Brother SE600 reviews for this machine. Still, by doing this, you should know a lot about this machine and other similar models most sewers get when choosing a sewing machine.

For instance, sewing machines like the Brother SE625 are pretty similar, and most sewers can’t tell them apart at first sight. However, factors such as weight, price, and design set them apart from each other.

Other models like the SE1900 are not so similar. For example, this model has more sewing stitches and has more space.

Knowing all of these crucial factors is vital before purchasing this machine, as you could have missed out on a critical feature.

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