Chain Stitch Machine: Everything You Need to Know!

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Are you a fellow sewer just getting started who needs some guidance on the chain stitch machine? Then you’re in the right place.

Chain stitch machines might look intimidating at first sight—especially if you’re a beginner. But they don’t have to be.

To set you up for the wild, we’ll go in-depth about everything you will need for the chain stitch machine.

If you have a burning passion for the chain stitch, then make sure to read throughout the whole article. By the time you finish reading this article, you will be the next sewer master.

What is a chain stitch machine?

Have you ever taken a look at some of the clothes you wear and couldn’t help but ask yourself: how on earth those chain-like stitches were made? Well, chances are stitch chain machine did all that tedious work.

A stitch chain machine is a piece of modern technology that sews stitches on clothing. Back in the day, you would have to do this tedious process manually. And as you might guess, it took a ridiculous amount of time.

Thanks to stitch chain machines, we’ve seen more and more people trying to get into sewing. And while some stitch chain machines can be quite expensive, it is still better than sewing by hand.

So, yes, stitch chain machines have contributed a lot to recent times. Now you don’t need to freak out when sewing stitches by hand.

What is chain stitch machine used for?

As the name suggests, a chain stitch engine is used to create stitches. Without it, you would have to do this process by hand.

A chain stitch embroidery machine has a needle that allows the machine to go through the fabric just like sewing by hand. But unlike sewing by hand, the results are way more accurate with a chain stitch machine.

Back then, people spent hours trying to create stitches. And it got even worse when they attempted to sew double chain stitches.

You would have to keep track of everything, and if you messed up a little bit, you would end up with a rather unpleasant result, and you would have to start over.

How does a chain stitch machine work?

Have you ever wondered how that bulky chain stitch sewing machine actually worked? Then you’re not alone.

Chain stitch machines play such an important role when sewing stitches. With a chain stitch machine, you have a lot more control over the final result.

A chain stitch works just like sewing by hand. Once you stab the threaded needle into the fabric, you begin to run it over the material. But this time, it is a machine doing all the hard work. 

But unlike sewing stitches by hand, with a chain stitch machine, you don’t have to worry about shaking or getting poor results. The machine takes care of everything, which leads to excellent results.

Single Needle Chain Stitch

What is a single needle chain stitch machine? A single needle chain stitch is a sewing machine that is designed to sew stitches in a short amount of time.

But how does it work? A needle goes through the fabric, and then the machine pulls the threads along with it. From there, the single needle chain stitch goes in and out of the fabric. This process keeps on going until you have achieved the desired results.

During that time, all you need to do is move the fabric and the needle to sew what you want.

Sewing using a chain stitch embroidery machine is quite simple, and you get excellent results. The learning curve is not nearly as hard as sewing stitches by hand, and you save a lot of time in the process.

Also, a single needle chain stitches refer to those chain stitch machines that can use up to two threads.

Double Chain Stitch

chain stitch embroidery machine can create a double chain stitch, consisting of two interlock lines to create a double chain stitch.

But how is the double chain stitch created? The machine first determines two parallel lines from both left to right. From there, the needle goes through the fabric on the lower end and then passes the starting point.

Once the machine has gone through the starting point, the machine creates an open chain stitch. Now, the machine goes through the first parallel line, and then the needle goes inside the loop to catch the current thread.

Once the machine has caught the thread, the chain stitch embroidery machine goes through the previous stitch loop. And so on.

Chain Stitch Sewing Machine

You can achieve many things with a chain stitch sewing machine that you would otherwise have a hard time doing.

But how can I use a chain stitch sewing machine to achieve mind-blogging results? If you want to learn how to use a chain stitch sewing machine, we recommend doing outlines for geometric shapes.

By doing this, you will develop consistent techniques for sewing. You can either practice tracing counter-clockwise and clockwise.

So, you want to start out by filling geometric shapes as this will put into practice your current skills. By the time you’ve done quite a few of these geometric shapes, you will notice quite the improvement.

Don’t worry if your first lines are not as accurate as you want them to be. And as a side note: if you’re filling circular patterns, we recommend paying attention to where you want to come back to when sewing. If you mainly focus on where you want to go, you will have difficulty making circular patterns.

Chain Stitch Embroidery Machine

Nowadays, it can be hard to find a good chain stitch embroidery machine for saleChain stitch embroidery machines are in high demand since there is a big market for it right now. 

And as a result, prices are going up. Even refurbished embroidery machines can be a little bit expensive.

So, it is hard to get a great deal on an embroidery machine. If you go on Amazon, you can find lots of different chain stitch machines for different prices.

You can find highly-efficient chain stitch machines for about $800. You can also find other chain stitch machines for about $650. And the more expensive ones can go for about $1,500.

Nonetheless, we recommend pricing around to find a machine that is suitable for your budget. For example, sometimes you can find great deals on websites like eBay. 

Difference Between Chain Stitch and Lock Stitch

When getting into sewing, you must become familiar with a lot of terms if you want to have an easier time reading documentation.

As you do more and more research, you will begin to wonder what is so unique about the chain stitch and the lock stitch? In this short guide, we’ll discuss the main difference between these two stitches.


The main difference between the chain stitch and the lock stitch is resistance.

The lock stitch is way more durable than the chain stitch. Because of that, the lock stitch is a better choice if you need long-lasting results.

Nonetheless, the chain stitch is still a great option if you need a great-looking chain stitch.


Is the lock stitch easier to learn than the chain stitch on a chain stitch machine? Both stitches have a learning curve, but you would have an easier time learning the lock stitch if you were to know one.

That also means the chain stitch requires more effort because it is harder to make such a quality type of stitch.


Another common difference you will hear about the lock stitch and the chain stitch is the final results.

The chain stitch provides more natural and elegant results when compared to the lock stitch. While it is true that it depends on the materials you use, the chain stitch can deliver great stitches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our FAQ section. In this section, you will find the most common questions about chain stitch machines.

Which machine is used for doing chain stitch?

If you want to get excellent results in sewing stitches using a machine, here is the best machine you can buy the Juki MCS150. This machine has a handy design, tons of practical features, and a superb chain-stitching capacity that surpasses others.

What is chain stitch hemming?

Stitch hemming uses a row of a small loop of threads to secure the hem. Have you ever noticed all those lines on your jeans? Well, that is a clear example of stitch hemming.

Which stitch is the strongest?

If you want the strongest way to job fabric together, you need a backstitch. Backstitch is the most durable type of stitch you can use to join fabric.

What Stitch is best for stretch fabric?

If your chain stitch embroidery machine has a stretch stitch, you can use it for stretch fabric. You get a more durable result, and it has a lot more stretch. But if you don’t have a stretch stitch, you can sew the fabric with a zig-zag.

What is a normal stitch called?

A running stitch is an easy and common type of stitch.  If you’re getting started, the running stitch is the easiest one you can pick up.

What are the 6 types of machine stitches?

Here are six types of machines stitches you need to know:
1. Running stitch
2. Lock stitch
3. Chain stitch
4. Cover stitch
5. Backstitch
6. Stretch stitch

What are the types of permanent stitches?

Here are the types of permanent stitches:
i. Running stitch
ii. Backstitch
iii. Overcast stitch


Becoming familiar with the chain stitch machine is a must if you plan on getting into sewing. Chain stitch machines are super useful and easy to pick up for beginners.

There are a lot of different stitches you need to learn as you move on. But once you master one, learning a new one becomes a lot easier. 

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