Serger vs Sewing Machine: The difference you need to know!

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Whether you are a beginner sewer or someone who wants to learn more about the sewing machine, you have probably wondered what the differences between Serger vs sewing machine are.

This question often gets brought up. As a tailor, this is something you must know if you want to step up your sewing game.

As you gain more experience working as a sewer, you are going to find yourself constantly switching between them.

One day you may need to use your Serger machine, and some other days you may have to use your sewing machine. Learning what makes them special before choosing one will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Serger vs Sewing Machine

Serger Machine
Serger Machine
Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine

Understanding the differences between Serger or sewing machine is vital for your overall performance. It can do a lot for your job too. This is what separates a good sewer from an exceptional tailor.

Introduction to Sewing Machine

Using a sewing machine is a lot of fun itself. You get to create things that you won’t be able to find in the store. I mean, you can even start up your own store.

So, taking the time to learn how to use a sewing machine is a pretty good trade-off.

What is a Serger Machine?

A serger sewing machine is a machine that is used for sewing clothes with thread. It makes sewing by hand a lot easier and less tedious.

Nowadays, you must know how to use a sewing machine if you want to get far in your sewing career. I mean, without it you wouldn’t be wearing all those fancy and classy clothes.

Here are some of the benefits of a Serger sewing machine:

  • Faster than sewing by hand.
  • Way more accurate than sewing by hand.
  • Easier and faster.

Difference Between Serger and Sewing Machine

You see this question a lot, but you never really get an answer. But at some point, not knowing what makes them special will catch up to you. But don’t worry, we got you covered this time around.

1. Serger Machine: So, what is a Serger used for in sewing? A Serger works like a sewing machine, but it has some features that set it apart from a sewing machine.

  • Most Serger machines have about 3 to 5 bobbins attached.
  • Serger machines have different types of needles that you can use.
  • It has an automatic system to control the speed of the thread.

2. Sewing Machine: Sewing machines are used whenever you want to stitch two or more layers together. Now, a sewing machine has some advantages over a Serger machine that make it a better tool, in some areas.

Sewing machine Serger combo a lot of machines have an overlock stitch, which is super helpful when hemming, or seaming over the edge of one piece or two.

  • It’s easy to use compared to a Serger machine.
  • You can pretty much do any work you want according to your need.
  • Stronger seams.

Similar Features

So far, we’ve only shown you what the differences between them are, but they have some features in common.

So, if you only have a sewing machine and you are wondering if you can get away using it without a Serger machine, here are some of the features they share:

  • A Serger can work as a sewing machine.
  • They can do piping.
  • They both can hem knits.

Advantage of a Sewing Machine over a Serger

Sewing machines make the sewing process an easy task. This is important if you run a business and need to get back to clients as soon as possible. But some things make a sewing machine stand out from a Serger. Here are some:

  • More freedom of use.
  • It’s easy to handle.
  • It can take on a garment on its own.
  • There are non-electric models.

Advantage of a Serger over a Sewing Machine

What does a Serger do that a sewing machine can’t? A sewing machine doesn’t stand a chance against a Serger when it comes to speed. It can handle multiple threads at the same time. But there are other things to keep in mind before taking on a project. So here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Less time-consuming.
  • Perfect for manufacturers.
  • Professional and durable seam.
  • Easy to use.

What a Serger Cannot Do?

While it is true that a Serger can do many things and performs incredibly well—there are some things that it can’t do as well as some things it lacks. So, here are some of the things it sadly cannot do:

  • You can’t do buttonholes using a Serger.
  • You still need a sewing machine for both facings and zippers.
  • It can’t be used for some projects.
  • It doesn’t have as many stitches.

Do I Really Need Both?

It’s up to you whether you want to get both. This also heavily depends on the types of projects you’re working on. You got a client and wants you to do buttonholes? Then getting a sewing machine will help you get the job done.

But what is a Serger machine used for? If you’re all about speed and overall performance, and whatever project you’re working on can be done using a Serger, then you should stick to it.

This goes without saying, but if a job requires you to do buttonholes, zippers and you need to be as fast as possible, then you should get both.

Which One Should I Really Use?

Depending on the types of projects you want to work on—one is going to be more efficient than the other. To choose the right one, ask yourself what you want to do with it.

If you want professional and durable seam as well as efficiency, go for the Serger. They are tremendous and a Serger for beginners is easy to start with. There a lot of tutorials online you can look up.

On the other hand, if you want straight stitches, facings, and zippers, you should get a sewing machine as it will best fit your needs.

Coverstitch vs Serger Machine – Which One Should You Buy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we attempt to answer some of the most common questions regarding both Serger and sewing machines.

Can you use a serger for regular sewing?

Sometimes you can get away with using only a Serger—but some projects need to be done using a sewing machine.

Can a serger be used to make clothing?

Yes, you can use your Serger to make clothing. Sergers can handle a wide variety of fabric types. It can handle lightweight fabrics, heavy fabrics, wovens, and non-wovens.

It can also speed up and make sewing a lot easier. A lot of Sergers can even do rolled hems, gather, and some of them can do cover stitches.

What is a serger sewing machine?

So, what does a Serger sewing machine do? Serger sewing machines make use of different spools of thread to create intricate stitches. Most of these stitches need at least three spools of thread to be made.

Serger comes in different thread use options. Depending on what you need to create—you can create different stitches and get different results.

What is a serger sewing machine used for?

If you want your products to have a finished and subtle look to them—you need to get a Serger. Serging with a sewing machine is used for many different things. One of them being able to do knits, speed up your workflow, and achieve high-quality stitching.

Can I use my sewing machine as a serger?

You can sometimes get away with it, but ideally, you should get a Serger when needed. You can, however, use an overlock foot to give your pieces a beautiful and faux-serged finish.

What is a serger stitch?

There are a lot of Serger stitches out there, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by it. A Serger stitch on sewing machine simply adds some stretch and strength to seams and makes edge finishes look better.

Do I need a serger and a sewing machine?

Depending on what you’re working on, you may need to get both for different types of projects. But if you need to make rolled hems, lettuce edging, and seam with some stretch to provide more flexibility, then get a Serger.

Is a serger better than a sewing machine?

There are some things a Serger does better than a sewing machine, and so the same goes for the sewing machine. A Serger is fantastic if you want to speed up your workflow and have a nice look to your products.

Why would you use a Serger instead of a Sewing Machine?

When it comes to high-quality products and performance, a Serger is just so much better than a sewing machine.
1. It is more professional.
2. It has durable seams.

Why would you use a Sewing Machine instead of a Serger?

When it comes to accuracy, the sewing machine with Serger does a pretty good job. A sewing machine is also great when you need a lot of flexibility in your work. Its function is insane if you want to get impressive results.

Different type of Sewing Machines and their uses

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There’s a lot to talk about Serger vs sewing machine, but as you know by now, both a Serger and a sewing machine have a lot of different features that make them unique. Although they share quite a few features.

Sometimes you can get away with using one over the other. However, specific projects require you to use a sewing machine or a Serger accordingly.

If you’re just starting, ask yourself what you want to accomplish with them, and what you’re going to be working on.

But as you gain more experience as a sewer—you will know when to use your Serger or your sewing machine.

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